I want to be a better person


back to norms.




“What is your problem?”
‘I wanna dance with you.’

more than I could,
I really do.

Shall We Dance
I don’t love you, boy if I’ve said
I didn’t mean it, honey you knew
Now it’s too late, I have to leave
But I hope you’ll be Happy
I should forget all about this
But I still don’t make it
The old scar still aches
Even so I try not to lose my mind
And not feel depressed
Life’s a round dance, we’re young and gorgeous
Step by step, moving at the same pace,
Daylight shall come, we’ll wave goodbye
But before that we can flame the night
So let’s cross over and over till we’re all in a whirl hitting the ground
then we can laugh louder and louder till our tears rush down as a river,
beautiful river (real beautiful river)
My dear old friend, if I’ve hurt you
I didn’t mean it, honey you knew
I really love you, more than I could
I really do
I want to be a better person, but life’s never easy
I know that well
So I go round and round, struggle on and on
Just to meet you
If you want to take the road to the milky way, Let me drive,
Through the broken night,
we can talk about how these shiny days warm your mind,
Close your dusky eyes, let me in your heart, we can try to see different sights
World is affable, sometimes crude enough
Life is wonderful, sometimes sucks you dry
I will show you how, we will all survive
Don’t you cry
Dance me with your love
Like we were never apart
Sing me with your tender voice
Like we were never apart……

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